david lynch

  1. Rebelproof

    DUNE Fremen Tools: Maker-Hook & Stilgar Steering Hook w/ Rope

    THE SPICE MUST FLOW!!!!! Hi - I am selling these very canon Fremen Tools from Dune (D. Lynch version). Both hooks are very solid (Resin & wood) and very cool for display and/or cosplay. Maker-Hook: 2 parts (hold by screw), ca 1.70 m Steering hook: ca. 60 cm and 4m rope Both never have been...
  2. Rebelproof

    DUNE Fremen & Harkonnen Terpel Guns - LJN Toys - very rare!

    Hi Dune - the Spice must flow! Here I am selling the 2 very hard to find items by LJN Toys: (1984) -Fremen Terpel Gun -Harkonnen Blaster Mint condition, great for every Dune fan, Collector etc. (Boxes not included - thats why the fare is really cheap - compared to other selling platforms)...
  3. Rebelproof

    DUNE Ornithopters Harkonnen & Atreides Spacecrafts Dried Wood Models

    Very Rare!!!!!! Ornithopters Dune Harkonnen & Atreides Spacecraft Dried Wood Model This Wood Model Spacecrafts were produced by highly gifted artists of 'Scalemodels - painters and aerosculptors'. These Premier-Quality handcrafted "Dune Harkonnen & Atreides...
  4. Rebelproof

    Dune LJN Toys Figures Very Rare Bundle

    Vintage 1984 Dune movie Action figures & vehicles Toy 80s Retro Toys. Very very rare!!!! Please find a thorough selection of photos has been provided What you see is what you get: 7 Figures in very good condition (all figures except 1 of the two Sardaukar have their props/blasters) 2 Vehicles...