darth vader costume

  1. S

    Anyone know where to get the best vader rots soft and hard parts ?

    Please let me know about anyone who makes soft parts or hard parts for the costume!
  2. A

    Star Wars Complete Darth Vader costume

    For Sale my Complete Darth Vader. Used for display on a Manequin in my office and I think I only wore it twice for family pictures Costume this includes: Black Series Darth Vader Helmet Rubies Shoulder armor Rubies Chest Light Box Rubies Shin Guards Rubies Capes Custom leather belt with steel...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Battle Damaged Darth Vader Helmet

    Tutorial Link:
  4. JSConnolly


    Hey All... I purchased a "Portumac" DV Chest and Belt Box and RotJ Belt Buckle last year. I THEN Purchased a "Working/Moving Rocker Switch Frame and Switch" from a guy on "Shapeways". I've since cut out the OLD "Switch Panel" and have Modified the Main Box and basically "Grafted" the NEW...
  5. dmpsk8

    1:1 Darth Vader ANH Statue - Rubies Supreme mod

    Thought I'd share phase 1 of my ANH Vader project. This began as a Rubies Vader Supreme costume (standard size). It has potential, if you're OK with modifying and replacing parts over time. Here's what's happened so far: -Cut up and modified a basic mannequin. Bulked him up with closed cell...