darth nihilus

  1. BlackFeatherCre

    Darth Nihilus mask sculpt feedback!

    Hi Guys, This is my first sculpt of a Nihilus mask. This is the first time I tried sculpting something from a franchise. I would LOVE some constructive criticism. What could I improve? What needs to be better? PS; The plan is to make a mould and cast it. Would anyone be interested in buying a...
  2. JCDenton0

    Darth Nihilus lightsaber

    Hello everyone, I managed to finish another one. This time, I went back to the Old Republic with the Lord of Hunger lightsaber. Some years ago, I bought online one of the Nihilus hilts made by Holocron on Etsy back in the day. The hilt was installed with a NBV1 and a single Red LED. As for...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Darth Nihilus Mask