darth maul

  1. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: 1 Half of DARTH MAUL TPM SABER from Anakin Starkiller’s Run

    Hello. Thanks for checking this out. I am selling two still-bagged HALVES of the DARTH MAUL Lightsaber from the very recent Anakin Starkiller run. I was going to build a complete saber as well as the chopped version, but funds are needed elsewhere. Price is for ONE HALF of his Saber...
  2. lukyanov

    Limited Run «Crimson Lord»: Maul lightsaber from "Solo" (by Lukyanov) [ONE left]

    Hi. I want to start my new project. Working title: «Crimson Lord» This hilt will be my next limited run for spring 2019. 3D-Renders: Real hilt photos: It will be ready to install electronics inside, it will be made of anosized aluminum using high quality CNC equipment. Also, I...
  3. darthwhitey

    eFX Darth Maul Signature Lightsaber...Free ship

    Star Wars Darth Maul lightsaber by eFX Collectibles. Only 500 made. This is #163/500. Displayed in a prop cabinet in a kid/smoke/pet free home for a limited time. Comes with original box and packaging. The saber and stand are in PERFECT shape. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA... - Ray Park...