dark souls

  1. TheScratcher

    Elden Ring Marika Sculpt

    Hi there! I finished my sculpting of Queen Marika. It is the very first time I have sculpted anything at all, so I hope you like it and judge it as a first time thing as well.
  2. TheScratcher

    Dark Souls Bonfire Sword Metal Pendant and LED lamp

    Hi there, I´ve made (mostly filed) and hot blued a mendant (or decorative) Bonfire Sword from Dark Souls and also a janky LED lamp of the bonfire sword. Not sure how big the Souls community is on therpf but hopefully some of you can find some joy in it. :)
  3. Gonturan0

    Dragonslayer Ornstein Cosplay

    Yo. I'm new here, and I've never cosplayed in my life. However, I've always wanted to wear a cool suit of armor, and I have recently discovered pepakura. So I'm gonna build Ornstein's armor. Ever since I saw it in game, I loved it. The big red plume, the lion helmet, the everything, really. And...
  4. V

    Dark Souls III Firekeeper Crown

    Hello ladies and gentleman. Newb alert! I plan on making Firekeeper mask/crown from Dark Souls III and I would love if you guys helped me with sugestions for material or tips in prop making in general. I made this pattern so help yourself if you find it helpful.
  5. P

    [question] trying to figure out what materials to make farron abyss watchers costume

    I"m making a abyss watchers costume and I"m trying to figure out what to use for the cape. pictures for reference. Any ideas ad to what the cape is made of? - - - Updated - - - [/ATTACH]ATTACH]
  6. Boris Mzhen

    Dragonslayer Ornstein from Dark Souls Costume WIP

    So it has been a couple years since my last major costume project, I finally decided on my next build, having been playing Dark Souls way too much the last few years I am going to make the Dragon Slayer Ornstein armor. This will be a long project and a lot of it is still in the planning stages...
  7. S

    Model Request: Faraam's Helmet Dark souls 2-3

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone by chance had a ripped model of Faraam from dark souls. Either his armor, the character, the helmet. Anything from the game in some kind of 3d model format. I was able to find a dump of dark souls OBJ files in another post but sadly no Faraam. Thanks...
  8. K

    Dark Souls Giants Armor and grass crest shield request

    Hi, im not sure is this is the right place to post this but iv been trying to find the giant dads set pep files but have only found the mask of the father, the torso,and the zweihander. I still need the gauntlets, the skirt, legs, and the shield. I Know this is a big favor to ask but i have no...
  9. D

    Dark Souls 3 textures/pepakura request.

    Hello people! After lots and lots of searching the web, I figured this is the right place to ask for what I've been scouring the webs for. I'm working on an Aldrich, the devourer of Gods [Dark Souls 3] cosplay, and my tinfoil/paper mache/hot glue version of his headpiece is... shoddy - to say...
  10. M

    Dark Souls 3 - Red Knight / Soul of Cinder (WIP)

    So, it's been a while since my last big project, but I've started something new. I started brainstorming for the project earlier this year, when I started seeing the pre-release materials for DS3 with the red knight plastered all over them. I decided to start work on him before I learned that...
  11. Moonwildflower

    Dark Souls 3: High Lord Wolnir Goblet 3D build

    I picked up a printer at the beginning of this year (polyprinter 229) and started learning Zbrush. This is my second Zbrush project for print. The first was Artorias's helmet. I haven't had the chance to print it yet. I'm waiting to finish other projects first. The plan is to print this in ABS...
  12. Alkatraz

    Dark Souls - Silver Knight

    First thread, exciting, here goes. "The Silver Knights protect Anor Londo. When Lord Gwyn departed to link the Fire, his knights split into two groups. The Silver Knights remained in the forsaken capital Anor Londo, in the service of their goddess." This is my current project that I have...
  13. Darkproductions

    Dark Souls Humanity

    Good Morning Rpfers! So I got the wild hair to do a Humanity from one of my favorite games, given that the third one is dropping in the US tomorrow. I would really like a critique of him and some advice. Right now he is on a stained wooden platform as per the game; however, I am debating on...
  14. D

    Dark Souls Solaire Helm - Praise the Sun!

    Hello, everyone! I've been working on a Solaire of Astora Helm as a Birthday gift for a friend, who is really fond of the character. Being such a simply build, I decided that I can make the pattern by myself. All my respect for the people who provides patterns, I had to make sooo may...
  15. Ikras

    Dark Souls - Dragonslayer Ornstein

    So, having completed my iron man I've been bitten by the bug. Throughout my build I had far too many ideas going around in my head and I've finally managed to come to a conclusion. I really enjoyed playing through Dark Souls and throughout it there were two bosses that stood out in my mind...
  16. B

    Dark Souls - Abyss Greatsword & Artorias' Armor

    Soooooo i'll make a quick build log about my adventure to make Artorias's stuff (great stuff, i love this stuff) It's still in progress so i'll update it from time to time! Let's start with the sexy greatsword! I started studying the 3D model, than traced the project on the wood and cut it out...
  17. F

    Dark souls 2 Faraam Pepakura file

    Hello all, I am looking for a faraam helmet, I am not having the best of luck making one from scratch. If anyone has it and wants to share I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. JureKorzuch

    Dark Souls: Quelaag's Furysword finished build

    Hello I want to present my 2 month build of this lovely sword from my favorite game of all time. It's made of out wood, distortions filled out with wood putty, then painted with rustic wood stain. This is what i was using for reference and templates: So I've started by drawing template on...
  19. S


    Hi everyone I have a big batch of dark souls armors provided from another user and I have another large batch of weapons files taken from a skyrim mod, there in lies my problem the weapons are nif file format and at the moment I can't seem to make my 3ds max work with these files to convert...
  20. T

    Dark Souls-Balder Knight Armor Pepakura

    Hello, I'm looking for a PDO or OBJ file of the armor pieces in the Balder Set in Dark Souls, if anybody has already done a cosplay of a Balder Knight before. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  21. G

    Dragon-Slayer Ornstein - Dark Souls - Need help with file unfold

    Afternoon RPF community, I was fortunate enough to come across files for Dragon-Slayer Ornstein from Dark Souls. Unfortunately said file's were and remain not unfolded, as I am horrendous at doing so I would greatly appreciate any help you kind folks could provide. I have left links to the...
  22. stickweed

    Dark souls 2, Main hero. WIP

    so, i figured i wanted to start posting something in here, and this is my current projekt, its going slow atm, exams and school stuff... but here a picture of how far i've come whit the glove! incase you don't know what im about to make here's some pictures to relate to...
  23. O

    [Dark Souls] 3D printed "Silver Knight" helmet

    Hey guys!, I am a proud owner of a 3D printer (Velleman K8200) and discovered, besides printing lego bricks, mugs and little models, the possibility to recreate robust and (nearly) accurate costume replicas that you can wear. Some informations: I am mainly using PLA because it's a bit...
  24. R

    Dark Souls Cosplay Undead Prince Ricard

    Hi everyone. I'm Japanese cosplayer. I made costume of Undead Prince Ricard. It's made by foam and real leather. I took some photo in forest near my house.
  25. B

    Unlimited Blade Workshop - My Creations

    Hi guys! In this topic i'll show you all my creations ^^ i'm still an amateur at prop-making so any advice or critique are more than welcome ;) I'll add pics only of the complete works, if you want to see the WIP you can find them on my fb page https://www.facebook.com/UnlimitedBladeWorkshop...