1. FabiKurz

    Doctor Who Dalek hand sanitizer

    Hi everybody! Here is my "Dalek hand sanitizer". Due to the shape of the most popular aliens from Doctor Who, I decided to give my replica a daily use. Also, it will "exterminate" all viruses. Here is the link to see it "in action" I hope you like it. Regards, FabiKurz.
  2. JKRIB

    DALEK w/ Lights + Sounds! FULL LIFE SIZE 1:1 Scale DOCTOR WHO Prop Replica

    DALEK FROM DOCTOR WHO! Full, Life Size 1:1 Scale Prop Replica. Features lights, sounds and can be piloted from inside! Comes apart in sections, for easy transportation and storage. Design inspired by the 2005 TV series. Brown and gold color scheme, with some battle weathering. SIZE: 5 feet 5...
  3. RobertHack

    Scratch built KLF "Dalek"

    Here's a very simple build that was way more satisfying than I would have thought. It started as a one day build, but of course took several. A big inspiration was watching the asavage tested.com styrene plate kitbash video. Previously, I had only used it as a material to modify off-the-shelf...
  4. P

    Time War Dalek gunstick...?

    Are there any kits or reasonably-priced replicas available?