1. SoulieMakes

    Weathered "Sting" from LotR: A Gift for my Son

    Hello RPF. I've lurked in here for probably ten years with a few different user names... but decided to post my first replica sword project. My son, who is 8, just read and watched The Hobbit. For Christmas, he asked if he could "have a sword like Bilbo's." So here's my build diary. I hope you...
  2. LimeyBuilds

    John Eaves Klingon Concept Dagger

    Here is a 3D printable model I made based on the John Eaves concept art! Also, a Kelvin Klingon Dagger. Both have an option for thinner handles so that leather or foam can be wrapped around them.
  3. Douglascraig

    Alien Inspired Silver Dagger

    Wanted to post some photos of my Alien/HR Geiger inspired Silver dagger. Not strictly a replica prop, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I hand carved it in then cast it in silver and hammered out the blade. It's sterling silver, so the blade is soft as hell and pretty much...
  4. thepoynt

    Limited Run Wraith's Dagger from Apex Legends

    Putting up a run of resin casts of Wraith's Heirloom Dagger from Apex Legends. There's a few rough prints for sale by others, but I was surprised to not really see any display-quality offerings of this beautiful dagger out there and thought I'd do my own. Will be made to order, hand painted by...