1. Jameel Ur

    Unlimited Run X-MEN Last Stand Cyclops Jacket!

    Hey folks, I'm excited to share our Cyclops jacket that we had done few years back. This is made to measure jacket and available for sale. I'm offering this jacket with two colors, Black & Brown. .The price would be $350 including shipping. .Custom size accepted without any additional charges...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    Cyclops' Visor- X-Men (2000)

    Just modelled this up in Inventor. Hoping to print it in the next week. This was always my favourite of the visors throughout the franchise.
  3. TheCopperhead

    Stop Motion Cyclops Creature Puppet

    Almost finished this 1/6 scale stop motion Cyclops puppet for a personal short film project. Fully articulated with a ball and socket armature (from Malvern Armatures) and cast in expanding polyurethane foam with an outer latex skin from a sculpture moulded in plaster. Details like the horns and...
  4. MunsterMahkus

    Dark Phoenix Cyclops

    Hello everyone!, This will be the start of my post and I guess my process for creating the new Dark Phoenix cyclops suit. As of now I am sourcing the materials and hope this build process will help anyone else that wants to create either this suit or any of the others since they are all the...