1. Chris Moliere

    Recreating Lighting Effect for Cyberman Chest Unit

    A bit of an update for my Cyberman build - still in the planning stages, but just about every possible part has been identified. However, I still have one problem that needs solving. The chest unit has a small heart assembly, with small christmas lights wired up to simulate a heartbeat effect...
  2. cyberscout

    DOCTOR WHO: (Earthshock) Cyberman suit build - advice please!

    To all the brilliant talent on this board- I have finally managed to track down an R.A.F. air ventilated, MK.2c 'fairy' suit (that didn’t cost £££) plus a vintage string vest and am about to embark on converting it into an Earthshock Cyberman suit. In my research I’ve learnt that the original...
  3. RobertHack

    Vintage fiberglass helmets- Cyberman advice needed

    I'll have a vintage(at least 20 years old, the previous owner wasn't certain beyond that) Cyberman helmet. It's resin/fiberglass. I need to cut out the eye, mouth and handle holes. Is there any special care or prep work I should do for an older helmet? This is actually my first fiberglass...