1. helix_3

    Preventing cyanoacrylate silicone inhibition with water bath?

    I have a resin piece I want to mold, but I treated it with superglue an hour ago. The superglue is dry to the touch. In my experience superglue needs an overnight cure, otherwise it can inhibit the silicone mold rubber. I know ambient moisture cures superglue. If I submerge this item for a...
  2. helix_3

    Wicking, non-cure inhibiting adhesive?

    When making open-backed molds, I like to sand the master's back flat and bond it to a flat piece of tile. Cyanoacrylate does a great job of this, and fills the ~0.2mm gaps between master and tile that are often present on a hand-sanded item. The downside however is the cure inhibiting nature of...