custom saber

  1. mechx

    Limited Run ARC (Arcann) Hilt Run.

    Hi all, Please see the prototypes of the Jawas Junkyard - ARC (Arcann) hilt run. From our of our favourite game characters comes a limited saber run at the most affordable price this hilt has ever been offered. If you've not heard of Jawas Junkyard before, please check out our facebook page Log...
  2. Valencross

    Old Republic Inspired Sith Saber

    Hi there, Here is a piece I have been working on recently, posting for fun really. I used a saberforge hilt and pommel and a random emitter I found, half broken, and custom made the shroud. Bit of a mishmash of weathering techniques, was playing around with things. Let me know what you think :)
  3. Valencross

    Saber weathering experiment

    Hi, been making sabers for a little while but new here and haven't posted anything before. Here is some weathering I have been experimenting with, using acid etching. Any feedback welcome. Cheers guys :)
  4. PlatinumKnight

    Custom lightsaber for custom Jedi costume

    This is my first posting and I’m not sure if this is the right place to post it but I will continue anyways. I am in the process of building a costume from SWTOR. One of my first steps was to make a custom lightsaber for this character. I wanted it to have a removable blade so the Savi...
  5. kingolaf99

    Custom OT Style Lightsaber Build - Add Your Input

    Parts / Materials: - Vintage Heiland shroud, purchased from forumite propmainiac way back in 2016 - Vintage SOL 3 cell flash tube, purchased from eBay - Reproduction Graflex clamp, purchased from Roman Props (love this thing) - Vintage Bubble Strip, pulled from an old calculator (not an Exactra...
  6. RavenNyx

    Custom Lightsaber Questions

    Please let me know if a similar thread exists for any or all of my questions here. First, my girlfriend is currently working on a custom paint scheme for her lightsaber and recently found some paint techniques that she wanted to try after having made a few mistakes on her first paint attempt...
  7. lukold

    Ultimate Works Anakin's Slimflex custom saber

    Enjoy the pictures! Watch the demo video here: Thanks for viewing :)