custom build

  1. jusdrewit

    My 2nd ever Kitbash attempt - custom ship!

    I had quite a bit of left over kit parts from my 1st kitbash attempt; the custom speederbike I built back at the end of 2019: Link here . Anyways, I've always thought the custom character I created for the speeder should have her own ship, something that is uniquely hers. Anyways, they had model...
  2. spockboy

    FLASH GORDON 1936 Rocketships

    Hey guys, :) Would like some estimates on either building, or finding already existing, (at least 24 inch) models of the Ming Bomber and Dr Zarkov's rocketship from Flash Gordon (1936) Hollow inside to place lights for windows would be important as well. Fantastic Plastic did a couple of 11...