cursed necklace

  1. G

    Official cursed opal necklace from Harry Potter

    Hello everyone, I'm considering selling my Harry Potter cursed opal necklace from Universal Orlando. I would really love this to go to a true Potterhead and fan who will love and take good care of it. I am taking offers :)
  2. willrhami

    Brass Cast and Gold Plated POTC Aztec Medallion (Reference help appreciated)

    After failing a $600 lightsaber project that had been my lifeblood for the last 8 months, I wanna work on a completely different project I've never thought of before, or at least not for longer than a moment. I settled on something SUPER out there, but something I think if done right could be...
  3. Nanotyrannus

    Aztec gold curse medallion

    Here is a screen used cursed medallion from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. This medallion was used as a stunt prop for action scenes or when actors are tossing or dropping the prop! The screen-used medallion was worn by actress Keira Knightley. The gold-colored metal...