1. DinoDino

    Unlimited Run Jurassic Park Cryocan

    Hello All, Over the past 2 years I have been on a quest for the most accurate Cryocan replica from the original Jurassic Park movie. It took a lot of work, but I believe I have got there. I just finished a pilot run of about 25 units which went to members of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool. I am...
  2. DinoDino

    Jurassic Park Cryocan Build

    Hello all, I have browsed the forum on and off over the years but never really made an account because I wasn't really proud enough of the work I had done to show it off. I did a few things on and off. But over the past several years I have really been pushing myself to the point I could call...
  3. PhantomForge

    Jurassic Park Cryocan Measurements and 3D model

    Hi all! Some of you might have seen my last thread with a review of a cryocan, and I expressed that my frustrations with it made me want to make my own— well, here's my progress on that! Once I'm done, I'm going to try and get this machined in aluminum, but I'll also be sharing the files...
  4. PhantomForge

    Jurassic Park Cryocans: RB Replicas and Other Options

    A few of us were discussing where else to get a Cryocan at the end of the Chronicle Collectibles Cryocan thread (since that product is probably extinct) so I thought I'd make a thread discussing other options for those who wanted one, along with a look at and review of the RB Replicas Cryocan...
  5. Serenity

    Done Barbasol Shaving Cream Can

    EDIT: Found one! Thanks so much! Anyone have a Barbasol shaving cream can to spare? Either the 11 or 10 oz is fine. I don't care about that small of a detail. Please send me a PM if you have anything!