1. darthvader073

    St Edward's Crown Replica (Finished)

    It's a bit unusual to post real-life replicas here, but I always found it so fascinating I planned to make one for years. Now after seeing The Crown, and Adam Savage's fun build of one, I decided my time has come. My approach to this is to 3D print the base/frame of the crown in ABS, which will...
  2. MalBertha

    Want to Buy Ben's Crown: Descendants 3D Model

    Hi all, I'm hoping a talented person can help me out. I'm looking for a 3D model of Ben's crown from Descendants, if one exists or could be commissioned. I've attached some pictures of the original design. If anyone is able to help please respond or message me with a rough quote for costs...
  3. Krats

    The Crown of Bethmora - Updated Version

    Five years ago the first original project I produced using my 3D Printer was a copy of the Crown of Bethmora. In the Autumn of last year I was contacted with a commission to produce another crown. Since my first attempt I've picked up a few tricks, (and also the Art of Hellboy 2 book) so I was...
  4. Sainpa

    Replicating Titania’s Crown

    Hello everyone, a few years ago I made a set of two crowns for a theatre company, with which I still work on and off, for the play midsummers night dream, one for Titania the queen of fairies and one for Oberón, the king. Now this set was made by hand and the two are the only existing pieces...