1. darkartsjfx

    Critters prop (crite)

    Critters Hi everyone new to posting on here but been wanting to for a while ..anyway I finaly got round to making a critter prop it's almost complete I'll keep you guys updated and hopefully I'll have some compleated props halfway through the next week they will be available on eBay if anyone...
  2. daydalus1

    My movie / collection room

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum but wanted to show my small theater room. Please excuse the poor video quality and my shaky hands. I also apologize for all the glare on the display cases. Thanks for looking. VID00020 - YouTube
  3. Howlrunner

    Screen used Krite egg from Critters 2

    OK, so I know that this is not the most spectacular movie prop in existence, but the "Critters" movies are amongst my favourites and I've wanted a Critter egg for years now.... I finally found one at an affordable price the other day and jumped at the chance. At last, my first screen used...
  4. TomSpinaDesigns

    Original CRITTERS puppet restoration and display

    Hey all, We've updated today with an original Critter restoration and display project. This puppet/prop was used in the first film. He was made with a hollow pipe inside to use as a "launcher" to crash him through a window. As you can see, he was in pretty...