1. Dinkydooge

    Want to Buy WANTED: Life size lifesize Alien or Alien Queen statue

    Hi, I'm looking for a pro looking official or non-official Alien creature statue in good or great shape. Either the Hollywood Collectibles 1979 Giger original style, Alien Covenant or full size Queen from Aliens. I'm on the West Coast. Please let me know, thanks!
  2. J

    Help identifying Big Bang Theory monster head

    I am hoping someone can help me. In Big Bang Theory's Capitol Comics store there is a axolotl like dragon head above the door. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from? It can be seen in the episodes The Occupation Recalibration and The Hook-up Reverberation.
  3. halrhyrr

    D&D 5e Kobold Rogue - Build thread

    So I've finally moved past the planning stage for this project and as such, I figured I'd start a build thread on here. I'm doing more regular updates on my instagram but I love posting here too, the community is great. Anyway, first things first, meet Del! This cheeky boy is my character in...
  4. TheCopperhead

    Stop Motion Cyclops Creature Puppet

    Almost finished this 1/6 scale stop motion Cyclops puppet for a personal short film project. Fully articulated with a ball and socket armature (from Malvern Armatures) and cast in expanding polyurethane foam with an outer latex skin from a sculpture moulded in plaster. Details like the horns and...