1. DocMidnyte

    Using Safety Bump Cap Insert for Cowl( newbie)

    First timer here. My goal is to make a Batman cowl that leans toward a smooth helmet without a lot of extra design stuff. I’ve thought of using a baseball cap insert to ensure the cowl head is rounded and is actually comfortable to wear. Is there a way to combine an element like this into a cowl?
  2. LordVader01

    First Batman Cowl Sculpt

    This is my first real shot at a cowl, I've only really sculpted smaller things before. I took inspiration from the new animated Batman suit and some from Greg Capullo's work, and uh, here's what I've got so far. If anyone has any critics or anything like that please feel free to let me know
  3. collector74

    Batman Forever RD Panther Cowl

    I ideally would like the Inferno Panther cowl, but was wondering if anyone else had or knew someone that makes a RD panther cowl? Thanks