1. SemajOvured

    The Martian EVA Suit Armor and Backpack

    Has anyone tackled making 3D models for The Martian EVA chest armor and backpack yet? Are there models or templates?
  2. DrHoot13

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur, The Knights of the Round Table, & Tim Costumes

    So about a month ago I began the new adventure of designing and fabricating the costumes for King Arthur, Sir Bedevere, Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin, Sir Galahad, and Tim the Enchanter. So far I have made great strides at getting as much detail as I can from the film. I was even lucky enough to find...
  3. I

    Avengers Age of Ultron Under Armour still around?

    Hi! Just curious if anyone would happen to have an Iron Man alter ego under armour shirt from Age of Ultron? The limited run of shirts they did for Iron Man, Cap, Widow and Quicksilver. Any size will do. I’ll buy on the spot! Thanks!
  4. themysticcafe

    Custom Measurement Dress Form Diyer

    I wanted to share this great dress form for us diyers and replica makers. I am currently working on a Charmed BOS replica but am also working on Hocus Pocus Costumes and love that it makes it easier for me to make my costumes. If anyone interested in something like this I have left my link to...
  5. dbowker3d

    Harry Potter Death Eater Masks and Wands

    This project was completed a while back but I thought it'd be good to post it anyway, as the Harry Potter is pretty much a perennial phenomenon as each generation of kids grows up with it. These masks are especially featured towards the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and in...
  6. dbowker3d

    Terminator 2 Minigun and Grenade Launcher

    I made this as part of our whole family (myself, my wife and son) going all out in a Terminator 2 theme for Halloween this past October. I'd meant to post a little sooner but... Anyway, I bought some minigun replica plans to get me started, but I ended up using several references as well as some...
  7. Snow_White


  8. Cinderella