costume research

  1. madphisto

    Costume Research/Development: Morgan Elsbeth's Magistrate Guard/Militia (The Mandalorian S2)

    Hello, though I have been not that hyped by the Mandalorian as others I fell in love with one particular costume in episode 13 The Jedi: The Scout Guard/Magistrate Guard of Morgan Elsbeth (Magistrate of Calodan on Planet corvus) I loved them because they also reminded me on the Harkonnen...
  2. M

    Dolly Levi Costume

    Hello all! I'm new to the RPF (though I've been on the outskirts of the prop-making community for a while). I am a sewist in the research stage of replicating Barbara Streisand's "Dolly Levi" burgundy gown from the 1969 film, Hello, Dolly (designed by Irene Sharaff). I've been in touch with a...