costume making

  1. topher thomas

    Item 17a Iron Spider Suit Build

    Hello, everyone! I’m new to posting at RPF, and I’m happy to learn how things work around here. I finally decided to register with the forum and make a WIP build log for the MCU Iron Spider Suit I’m currently working on because it’s a suit I’ve wanted to try making since Infinity War… and I...
  2. Mister Chef

    Dune working uniform (2021)

    Does anyone know where templates for the atreides working uniform can be found or where I can acquire a uniform used in the movie?
  3. CaptainNater

    Fan Made Chewbacca Mask - 3d Model To Finished Mask

    Hello everyone! So, I have been working on making a Chewbacca mask for the past few months. My first attempt was not bad but it didn't look enough like Chewie. So, I re-worked my 3d model and started from scratch on my Version 2. Started with a 3d model, printed out the model, sculpted...
  4. C

    DUNE 2021 Stillsuit Components

    Looking for shoes that may have been used as the base for the stillsuit costumes in Dune (2021), or a similar model.
  5. H

    Hazmat Suit Waist Belt Box

    I am looking to make a waist belt similar to the image attached. So far, I have thought of using an electrical box/cable tidy, has anyone made one of these before and can you think of any other 'off the shelf' items that could be used for this? Waist belt and piping are easy, it's the box that...