1. magicaldr

    Generic Belter suit from The Expanse on a shoestring (WIP)

    First time build for me from scratch, my WIP Belter suit. I have one other cosplay but that is made from multiple sources/kits, like the amazing BenofKent and Nickatron, (a ghostbuster). This is all from raw stuff, own 3d prints and me bar the hand terminal someone on the RPF made :) I love...
  2. J


    Hi, I'm posting this here so I can self motivate myself by posting the progress on a public site. In developing a cosplay for the lead character of the Dragon Ball series JANUARY-Early Concept I drew up some concept art in order to define the outfit in a real world setting I'm working it...
  3. Heat Sink Flatline Apex legends (blender)

    Heat Sink Flatline Apex legends (blender)

    a short video of upcoming prop....Tier 110 battle pass #Flatline skin from #apexlegends. high poly with decent texture 3d model made completely in Blender 2....
  4. Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Blood Hounds Heirloom AXE (Raven's Bite) Apex Legends DIY

    Read description :- In today's video we are going to make #bloodhounds #axe by using only Popsicle Sticks as base material. this is one of the rare items in ...
  5. 3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    3D file and .pdo file video.mp4

    Wingman V2 from Apex Legends is ready to make (low poly 3D model and .pdo file is ready). soon i'll drop a video on my YouTube channel. hope you guys like it.
  6. heyymikaa

    MTG Ashiok headpiece help?

    Hello! I’m planning on cosplaying Ashiok from Magic The Gathering. I’ve already gone about making the costume itself, but am a little stuck on what to do about the headpiece. I think I have too many ideas floating around in my head, lol. The idea is to have it come down over my eyes like in the...