1. Fritzy525

    First time cosplaying

    Hello cosplayers! I've been thinking about attending comic-con for the first time but I don't know anything about conventions, or cosplay. I mean, I've always loved the idea of going to one, but I've never been to one myself. If you guys could just let me know what I should do when cosplaying...
  2. dorningt

    Naruto Akatsuki Tobi Cloak Cosplay Build

    This is a Akatsuki leader Tobi from Naruto cloak build. I Built the cloak for a walk around cosplay at a convention. Started with gathering all the tools and the pattern I chose to augment. Then I cut out the pattern and started pinning up the augment the pattern to the Tobi design. The major...
  3. Alex Hayashi

    Big Red Build (First hunt)

    So I finally got my account back! I figured as I'm currently working on my Ram build I'd show my Big Red costume. First starting off was the leg guards, rather daunting being my first time working with EVA foam but turned out pretty well, needed stuffing given my slender frame. Next up we have...