1. sketcherdan

    Done / Completed Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)

    SOLD OUT! Kits are now sold out, however I do now have my files on Shapeways if anyone missed out and wants some/all the parts to help with their build
  2. Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    Assault Rifle from The Art of District 9

    This comes from the art book, however there are a few inconsistencies with the on-screen version. Watch the movie for the official, but this is closer than the concept art.
  3. Assault Rifle Concept

    Assault Rifle Concept

    The concept art by Broadmore, details the length of the gun which is really helpful, but there are a LOT of inaccuracies for screen version. Don't use this for final template if you want screen-accurate. But its great for sizing.
  4. Destroyer Gun concept

    Destroyer Gun concept