concept art

  1. shadowfoil

    Ralph McQuarrie Laser Duel Saber Set (WIP)

    I've always been a massive fan of Ralph McQuarrie's concept art and one of my favorite pieces is the one he called "Laser Duel" showing Deak Starkiller dueling Darth Vader. So what else was I to do than take my best shot at replicating these sabers, fast forward a few months and I've got my...
  2. Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Rcktr Prnts.jpg

    Ltd Edition Concept Art prints from the film production
  3. mechx

    Limited Run The Claw (The Wampa) Saber Run (Jawas Junkyard)

    Hi All, Very excited to announce this project. To sign up please complete this form: Pre-Order Sign UP Based on the design from Larz's Bone Works - our fully CNC version of the wampa claw - saber. The Claw. - Fully machined aluminium and PA66 (for the 'bone'). - Anodised aluminium - 1" blade...