1. D

    Working Jack Sparrow Compass

    Hi everyone! This is my first real post here after lurking for quite some time. In September my wife and I ordered my dad an eight escudo prop that was used in POTC The Curse of The Black Pearl. I don't like to use regular wrapping paper for my movies gifts so I fell down the rabbit hole and...
  2. Cbstudios

    CB's Captain Jack Sparrow Compass Build.

    Well, with this year marking my 10 year point in my Jack Sparrow cosplay life, my Disney Store compass has been looking a bit sorry and out of place. I've upgraded every part of my gear (Most several times over) and there's barely anything that isn't authentic or close to in it. Down to custom...
  3. Cornemusic

    Captain Jack Sparrow Compass

    Hi guys, Been working on a next level compass, here are some updates regarding the new compass... This time I’m using all brass parts and Meranti wood, kind of a challenge...It’ll be the compass from the curse of the black pearl, I like the bigger sundial over the smaller one, but I might build...