1. DracoAdamantus

    Megathread: City, Region, and World Maps from Fiction

    Some time ago there was a shop I followed on Esty that sold digital files of all kinds of maps from fiction, primarily fantasy. There were world maps of places like Thra, Oz, Westeros, Hyrule, Middle Earth, Arrakis, Ravka, etc. Regional maps of places like the Shire, Gondor, the Swordcoast, and...
  2. DracoAdamantus

    Looking for recommendations on apps or methods for maintaining an inventory of my collections

    I have many different collections (props, figurines, movies, books, art, costumes, etc.), and would like to start an inventoried database to both keep track of everything, and for insurance in case of a disaster. I eventually want to inventory everything I own, but starting with collections for...
  3. LimeyBuilds

    Bajoran Collection by LimeyBuilds (Saxon Props)

    Today I got around to starting to photograph my homemade-from-scratch Bajoran collection. All stuff I 3d modelled, printed , molded and cast in resin. Rifle, Pistol, Derringer, PADD, Tricorder (solid), Badge & Pip. Along with a custom earring and Silicone nose ridges that I sculpted and cast...
  4. dkraude

    DK's Star Wars Props and Blaster Builds

    Ever since I was a kid I have loved everything Sci-Fi, especially Star Wars. I am a huge collector, in fact, my wife would say fanatic but honestly, I think she likes it too otherwise she would put her foot down and she hasn't so far. Knock on wood. With that said, I thought I would start off...