1. shadowfoil

    Book of Boba Fett New Republic Credits (In Progress)

    Hey all, A friend and I are working on these New Republic credits based on the shots we got from the first episode of Book of Boba Fett. We are super happy with how they are coming along and wanted to share. Once we've got these in hand we'll be selling about 200 of each version. For now, just...
  2. Mach

    Constantine (2005) - Balthazar Coin

    Background Balthazar (played by Gavin Rossdale) is frequently seen rolling a coin along his fingers. The coin has been partially identified but not confirmed. With a positive ID, the plan is to recreate the coin in pewter, possibly other metals. Warner Brothers is planning to release...
  3. Dangerhawk

    TENET Coin Charm

    SPOILERS Neil wears a charm in the movie TENET. Below is a screenshot from the movie. I am sourcing the material to make my own. The charm is a 1 Pice Coin, British India, Kind George VI, 1943. You can get them on eBay. And from what I can tell, the thread is 6-strand cotton...