1. J

    CG Keaton Batwing parts identification?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this...I'm wondering if anyone has ever identified some of the parts used in the '89 Batman Batwing cockpit. I'm doing a 3D model and am having a bit of a bear figuring out some of the steering section which is scene very briefly... seem almost to be...
  2. Sithslayer78

    1:1 T-70 X-Wing Cockpit/Simpit

    Hello There! I've been planning on starting this build for 2 years now, but with the impending release of Squadrons and all this free time I have at home now, I thought it would be a perfect time to start. This is going to be a full 1:1 scale T-70 cockpit functioning as a simpit for space...
  3. J

    Spaceship Cockpit ideas for Short Film

    Hello Everyone, New here I'm making a short film with my son this summer and we need to make a spaceship cockpit, on a budget. $200-300ish It's a single seat transporter for a train of mined astroid rock containers. The pilot is a worker bee, glorified bus driver. Think Nostromos from the...