1. DaBuild

    Night Slasher's KNIFE from Cobra

    Hello fellow makers! I always loved the 1980s action movies! In fact, I grew up watching those non stop! Sooooo, I made the Night Slasher KNIFE from the 1986 action movie ''Cobra'' with Sylvester Stallone! It was fun! I even tried some metal casting for the skull. I hope you enjoy the...
  2. TheAngryYeti

    In search of Cobra Commander full cosplay outfit. Help!

    Does anyone know of a place online where i can get a Cobra Commander cosplay outfit? I need everything, with the exception of boots. Ive searched high and low and ive come across a few but theyre very shady and i dont trust what i found. If anyone can point me in the right direction, i would...
  3. Cobra Crimson Guard Kid's Entry

    Cobra Crimson Guard Kid's Entry

    New to this, but had a blast. Completed in less than a week, done just in time for trick or treating.
  4. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear

    This is my realistic edition of Buzz Lightyear with expanding wings.
  5. Cobra Commander Krake

    Cobra Commander Krake

    Cobra Commander Krake is an expert small-arms marksman and all around bad ass