1. Gary Ambrosia

    CLUE- Blackmail Photos

    Here are a few of Mr. Boddy's blackmail photos that I created. They are scaled and sized so that you may take the files to a photo printer and print them directly to photo paper. They will need to be trimmed to be accurate, leaving about 1/8" white border around the edges. Enjoy!
  2. mac3kuby

    buying leather?

    I need some advice on buying leather. I need to build a Dash Rendar belt and holster. Luckily I do not need the special holster like Han Solo. I need 2 belts. One on the waist and one low slung with a holster. Where should I buy leather? Tandy looks expensive and I have no clue what to...
  3. Marc Wagner

    Clue: The Movie Edition Game

    So, Clue is my #1 favorite board game of all time. I have more versions than I can count and some of them I paid far too much to get my hands on... I even have the VCR game editions. The one that I had always hoped for was one based on the movie. I have Clue: The Movie Storybook and the...
  4. M

    Clue the movie props

    Do any of these exist? I haven't found any real props from it. I know the house was a matte painting, the one they shot the fronts for burned down, and the whole interior was on a set which was torn down (I believe). It's my favorite movie - and I'd love to own something from it if stuff...