1. NegativeEnergy

    Build Log - Mass Effect Blood Dragon Helmet

    First post to RPF and first build log! Building the Blood dragon helmet for a friend there is still a long way to go however this is what already has been completed: Printed in 20 pieces the front shell (I didn't have my large 3D printer yet) in ABS. Welded all the pieces together using a...
  2. Deerzordchromer

    What would be the best way to mirror chrome this toy?

    I don't know if this is allowed on here but I found this forum due to molotow liquid chrome. Bandai HK made 12 special edition chrome variants of some of their toys, here is a photo of the 11 of them in my cabinet: I'm missing one, a deer. Here's a photo of the toy: The toy is VERY hard to find...
  3. C

    Molotow liquid chrome marker

    Has anyone used the Molotow liquid chrome marker for small chrome touch ups on props like vintage Armitage Shanks tap handwheels, etc.? Thank you.
  4. TheTrekNerd

    Weatherproof chrome (the dreaded topic)

    I'm making a urethane part that is to be attached to a car and remain outside forever. I've seen and tried many paints, seen chemical treatments, but nothing short of spending hundreds per square inch (not an option, but yes, an exaggeration) look anything close to acceptable. In this modern...