child costume

  1. L

    Scout Trooper - Children’s Costume

    I wanted to share the Halloween costume I made for my 10 yr old. First off I want to point out two things. 1) I realize that is not the proper weapon 2) completely upset with myself that I didn’t notice I had the cummerbund inside out. (I had weathered the other side) I found the armor...
  2. Christine

    Children's predator hands and feet question

    Anyone here make child hands and feet? Ages 7 and 10. Curious. Thank you
  3. HAL1138

    Kayla's Little Red

    So...... An era has unfortunately come to pass. Baby Predator, after almost two years of awesome adventures and hunts, has finally retired. She has learned and grown, and practically BURST out of her skin like many a young Xeno. Sad?......yes....... Devastating?....... Perhaps not. With...