1. Marv

    Star Wars Original set of Bowcaster scopes, Single point and 2x matching Model 7

    Thinning out my collection of parts For sale I have a set of scopes for Chewie's Bowcaster All original parts Single point scope 2X Model 7 Looking for £650 plus postage Please contact me for a postal quote!
  2. jbparis22

    Mounting arms on Torso - Winston Overwatch

    I'm building a Winston (Explorer Skin) for SDCC and BlizzCon. So far, it's coming out as planned... But I'm not confident on the best way to connect the arms to the upper torso. I welcome any suggestions and advice. It's a two-piece outfit. One of my biggest concerns is when it's time to use the...
  3. GreekGeek

    High quality Chewbacca FX

    I'm trying to find some classic high quality Chewie sound bytes (laughing, angry, chatting, yelling, etc). I've only come across some pretty noisy clips. Looking for some clean audio clips for free or purchase. These sounds will be activated by a trigger in sound glove. Thank you in advance!