1. H

    Howie's Random Star Trek WIP

    Hello! Lately I've been working on a buuunch of Star Trek work - all sort of nonsense. It started with trying to figure out how to do a TMP-TUDC eras warp effects in 3dsmax and Vray, without doing a ton of passes and post work. I had some success with that: And then I moved onto trying to...
  2. AdamFX

    CGI ANH Stormtrooper and 3D Print

    I've been working on this for sometime. It began as a very high quality 3d scan of a replica helmet with a bumpy cap (Not RSprops). Once scanned in, I began restoring it to closer match the sharpness and details seen on the original screen used helmets. There is still work to be done but I...
  3. H

    Star Wars Short-film Project Background ships and WIP

    Hey, all! Been working on some custom corellian gunships and a frigate lately, trying to fill out the background of a couple of rebel fleet shots I plan on doing for a short film I have in mind. They're all completely CG, rendered in 3dsmax with VRay Next 1.1 on my GPU.I'm pretty happy with the...