1. J

    Battlestar Galactica - Cylon Centurion (Revell) Quick Build

    Hi All, Thought i'd make my first post something hopefully interesting. I’ve been away from prop replica and model building for a while. On Friday evening, I was watching videos on the Tested channel, more specifically the ‘Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Cylon Models with Battlestar Galactica's...
  2. BlackJackMurphy

    Fallout Legion Centurion "Desert Scout" Helmet FINISHED

    So despite my Legion Centurion Helmet, and most of the cosplay done, I decided that builds can never be completely over or finished. With Salt Lake Comi Con going on this week, my friends and I (also some folks from the Vault Tec Project) are all going as Raiders/Legion. Since I had some spare...
  3. SmookCMb

    Iron Man 3 in 1 / 5 in 1 Helmets...UPDATE! Sneaky Suit (Last Page)

    Hello everyone!! well i'm so f**n new posting and modelling...and i would like to show you my works that made and i making using Blender, my first steps with this awesome program :D My First Iron Man helmet 3D model was Silver Centurion - Mark 33 which also serves for Blue Steel (Mark 30)...
  4. asavage

    Adam's Centurion costume from Centurion!

    So we're doing a ye-olde myth, and I need some Roman soldier armor. I looked around, at various sources and sort of gave up getting what I wanted. Then lo! I happen upon propstore's new additions, and damned if they don't have some full Roman soldier costumes for sale. These things are a STEAL...