1. Seananigans

    Cast Resin Pulse Rifle Shroud

    New shroud designed and test printed ready for uv resin printing then on to mould making, this will be cast in a strong urethane resin along with the Thompson receiver, lower, bolt and grip.. The new shroud accepts a real spas12 heat shield and real or Airsoft Thompson along side my usual 3d...
  2. MadCowRebel

    Jack Sparrow pistol kit/casts available?

    Does anyone make kits or casts of jacks pistol? The old Zizzle toys that everyone used to make their builds from have long been out of production and are quite rare now. Last one I saw on ebay was going for over $125. I don't mind paying for quality but this is a plastic toy. So any leads on...
  3. TheScratcher

    Fix difficult resin casting problem?

    How would you repair pinholes from bubbles in a casting that are just a mm in diameter but can NOT just be filled with glue or whatever? As you can see in the picture it is not only "holes" but rather missing parts of a thin, protruding line. A 1mm diameter wire, in fact. "Filling" it with a...
  4. oxixo

    How accurate is RS Props' TIE pilot vs SDS vs CFO?

    They're all cast from original props (correct?), but each have subtle differences (I'm not referring to craftsmanship, etc., just visual accuracy). Some photos of the SDS helmets make the pilot look a little wider than RS and CFO. Whereas the RS helmets, the frown looks a little "toothy,"...
  5. PlanetAlexander

    Making a Foam Buck for Mold Making

    G'day Makers, I had the opportunity to try something new for a project (I can't reveal the project yet). But for it, I chose to make a cast of the final version. I didn't have any clay (such as Monster Clay), all I had was EVA foam and foam clay. So I took a risk and made a buck from foam/foam...
  6. Q

    Casting detailed object questions

    I'm in the process of making a replica of the Zafiro Anejo bottle topper from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I'm sculpting it out of Sculpey clay, and I planned to bake it, make a mold, cast it in resin and paint it copper, however I'm afraid it would be difficult to remove the topper from...
  7. FrenchHunter

    My first Bio

    Hi guys, this is my first bio, i sculpted it 2 years ago but i would like to share some pics with you. You can follow me on Facebook : ReplicAlex Thanks :)