1. SP Sabers

    Premium Display Stands (Unlimited and On going)

    Hi Everyone i have a great new offering for everyone to display their props and collectables. Reminicent of the old MR LE stands, these new SP Sabers Premium Stands my latest project and i have 800 enroute Pricing TBC, but these will be without a doubt some of the best priced quality stands you...
  2. RookieDreamer

    SHD Cache The Division 2

    I wanted to share this project with you guys. This is the shd cache from tom clancys Division 2! The case is a nanuk 909 case. dimensions are 11.44x7x3.68" i went with this case due to the top lid design. initally it was going ro be a pelican case, but due to the ridges on may of the cases it...
  3. idea47

    TCTD Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 SHD Cache

    I couldn’t find any good reference images so I went back to the game and grabbed these If anyone can identify an existing Pelican™ or other case that this might be based on, please let me know
  4. interstait

    Dark Matter Blink Drive

    Now that I have some free time, I've decided what I want to make as my first real prop project. I'm trying to put together a replica of the blink drive used in Dark Matter (Season 2 & 3) I have some images I've pulled together, but I'm having trouble identifying the case. It looks like a...

    Case for my Ghostbusters Proton Gun

    Hi, after my build of a Ghostbusters Proton Gun Hero Prop for a friends birthday, I wanted to build something he could store it in. A case in some form. After watching Adam Savages build of a case for his NASA microskope (search for "One Day Builds: Adam Savage Demonstrates Weathering Tricks")...
  6. T

    How To Make: Resident Evil T-Virus Vial Carry Case (from Movie)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently in the process of making 1:1 film accurate replicas of the T-Virus vials, but I would like as my next project to create the carry case as seen in the video below, and the attached images: Reference video, watch from 2:13 up until 2:29 The main things I...
  7. plutonium case

    plutonium case

    almost done
  8. plutonium case

    plutonium case