1. Iskelderon

    Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter (my second try)

    Hi! This is my second try at a Real Ghostbusters PKE Meter and I can still count the number of props I didn't just print/sand/paint on one hand, so it's still pretty rough. You can see the first attempt from 2017 in RGB-inspired PKE Meter and that one was sadly lost during a move to a new...
  2. saint357

    Sword of Protection : She-Ra And The Princesses of Power (complete)

    FOR THE HONOR OF GREY SKULL! So since quarantine is driving me out of my mind I thought I would show everyone my latest sanity project. After making Connie's new sword from Steven Universe I thought I would try making a similar sword from my other favorite cartoon, the new She-Ra and the...
  3. saint357

    Connie's New Sword - From Steven Universe

    So I am a huge fan of Steven Universe and i plan on busting out my Steven cosplay for Castle Point Anime Convention coming up in late April. I previously made Stevens shield and roses sword for it. they were some of my first foam props. While i was happy with the sword at first I've decided now...
  4. captainmoose

    Grapple Gun from Batman the Animated Series

    Hey All, I just joined the RPF and wanted to post about my first prop making experience (though since it's from an animated series, I don't know if it counts as a prop, you tell me)! I recently purchased a Prusa i3 Mk2S 3D printer and wanted to make something cool form my brother for...
  5. Batman the Animated Series Riddler

    Batman the Animated Series Riddler

    Femme Riddler I guess you can call me. I'm not into the changing the gender on my costumes. I just want to look accurate.
  6. Cartoon Venom

    Cartoon Venom

    M16's Halloween costume contest entry 2012 :)