cardboard prop

  1. goodparts

    Working on a nother cardboard desert eagle

    This prop came out soo much nicer than the previous models I've made
  2. goodparts

    Cardboard 500 magnum revolver

    I made this 500 revolver it has interchangeable barrels the cylinder comes out to the side the trigger works with the hammer all tho the mechanism isn't perfect I'm getting a lot better at designing my own
  3. goodparts

    Cardboard chiappa rhino from warface

    This is a very unique looking revolver I found in the game warface and has ben my favorite one to make out of cardboard wood and more. I'm thinking about making it gold
  4. Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Lifeline Heirloom Shock Stick Apex Legends DIY..

    Read Description. In today's video we are going to make #Lifeline heirloom #shockstick from #apexlegends. This prop is way easy to make and it takes only a c...