cara dune

  1. Pedro

    Cara Dune Blaster pistol conversion kit for Nambu 14

    Update 5/5/22 - Do NOT use the Buy It Now button. Please PM me if you're interested in a kit. I have 10 conversion kits available to convert a Nambu 14 into Cara Dune's pistol. When this blaster first appeared on the Mandalorian I knew I had to build one, love the design and the fact that...
  2. KitSmasher

    The Mandalorian- Cara Dune's Gloves- Knuckle Protectors Found Item

    I haven't seen any threads dedicated to Cara Dune or else I would have posted in there. My wife has decided she wants to do a Cara Dune cosplay for Star Wars Celebration later this year (fingers crossed) I started to research the parts, and saw everyone was 3D printing (or buying crappy 3D...