captain jack harkness

  1. DangerIndustry

    Sonic blaster (2005 prop)

    Hello! Long time lurker first time poster, if any of you are on the Instagram you might have seen my sonic screwdriver replicas of various types. I'm sure at i'll be posting about those at some point too. After kicking around in my workshop and making a concept sonic by the incomparable...
  2. davidnagel

    Vortex Manipulator v1

    So my eldest turned 6 last month and for his birthday I decided to make a vortex manipulator, because he's a big Captain Jack fan (no comments on John Barrowman's noted behaviour thank you!) and so the journey began! I wanted to do this out of leather, so watched endless leather making videos...
  3. Redd Summers

    Torchwood Hand in Jar replica help (please!)

    Hey all! I'm a complete newbie to making things and I might be jumping right off into the deep end with this but I figured I might as well get the best information I possibly can before even starting. I would LOVE to recreate the iconic "Hand in the Jar" from Torchwood/Doctor Who to go with my...