captain america the first avenger

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  1. liawehck

    What? ANOTHER Captain America TFA suit? Yeah....

    After going to see The Winter Soldier in IMAX 3D last night, I'm in the mood to post some pictures of my TFA suit pieces. Sorry, no progress pics, I get involved in doing the work, I don't take time to snap pictures. Usually because my hands are covered in paint, glue, or whatever else that I...
  2. R

    I'm late to the party but.. Capt TFA - Ham edition

    Hey there, I've been a lurker here for a while. I wanted to make a Capt TFA costume after the move came out which lead me here. You guys have been an invaluable resource! So after a year and a half of buying materials and procrastinating I am finally working on my costume(it's spring break...
  3. G

    My collection of 3d models...

    I've been steadily making emblems of all different sizes and shapes. I have access to a 3d printer and have been regularly churning them out. I thought I might show them off. Captain America's shield... going to actually machine this out of aluminum. The Shield logo....printing this today...
  4. OneTrickTony

    Which Captain America suit is this?

    I'm buying my first Cap suit, and I don't know enough about cap to even know what suit this is. Any help? What do you think of the suit? does it look good?
  5. paxtoprime94

    "No-sew" Captain America Costume?

    Hey I was wondering if there's any way to do a Captain America costume without sewing? I'm stuck in the middle here; I don't want to buy a Halloween costume or professionally made cosplay (like from God Save the Queen fashions) but I also don't want to make it from scratch by sewing. The good...
  6. Arrgotier

    Captain America was TFA now Marvel Now Captain America (pic heavy!!)

    Here's the WIP Captain America TFA build I'm doing at the moment. Not going for 100% accurate because I do want to try and change a few things so here go's! Managed to source the helmet from a Greek seller on eBay and the shield was an airsoft shield I found on Ehobby Asia. The detailing on...
  7. Fly4v

    The Drop Zone 2014

    Join the Team and support the cause! This is not a convention but a great reason to wear a costume and do some fund raising. This September 24th, in conjunction with The Drop Zone Montreal, I will rappel down 1981 McGill College. Every summer, more than 6,000 kids attend one of 15...
  8. Fly4v

    Marvel Costumes for less than $50 USD... and no sewing is required!

    Have a casual day at work, need something quick for charity or fun or don't have the time and money for one of the great sub-dye suits here on the RPF? Shopping with little effort, at Target and on Amazon, it is possible to put together some decent costumes using Marvel Tee-shirts, Jerzees long...
  9. Captain Rogers

    Captain America AoU(W/interchangeable pieces and Marvel Now Armor)

    Hello everyone, I've eagerly watched many builds here on the RPF for years, and finally decided to join and start a thread. I've decided I want to make a Captain America costume as he is my favorite super hero. However I am undecided on which version of his costume I should do. Please comment...
  10. Iggy

    Iggy's Captain America Shields

    It looks like I have caught the Captain America bug. I started out with a heater shield I bought on ebay (ebay link) I sanded the paint down since there was a faint line where the image was, and primed the entire shield. I then cut out the 3 stars: And placed them: And began the...
  11. BR2814

    My Avengers Family - Halloween 2012

    From Halloween 2012:
  12. BR2814

    My Avengers Family - Halloween 2012

    From Halloween 2012:
  13. Eduardo Bueno

    Eduardo's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry

    It all started because my birthday is in October and I wanted to be Captain America for my birthday. So, I have been working on this since August. I started from a diagram I found for the helmet and made it with paper then I moved on buying fabric for the jacket and pants and so on. Here is the...
  14. J

    Costume/Suit Building for Beginners

    Hey all, sorry if this is a re-post or belongs somewhere be honest I wasn't even sure what terms to search for to see if this was covered elsewhere. I'm just looking for some suggestions on books/sites that are good for beginners looking to understand the process of creating movie...
  15. BananaBlitz

    Captain America: The First Avenger (Belt Rig/Shield/Gloves)

    Figured I'd make a thread encompassing what I'm remaking at this point in time from my previous costuming experience. I was far from satisfied with my first attempts at all of the objects in my title, so I've started redoing everything from the ground up. The first step is the belt, then the...
  16. OhYeahItsJosh

    Josh's Captain America: TFA Costume

    I kept saying I wasn't going to do this, but I'm a terrible liar. :D Hey everyone, I'm back and now I'm working on a replica costume for Captain America: The First Avenger costume. This is the first time I've ventured in costume making or any type of cosplay. So let's get started shall we...
  17. A

    Captain America Mask

    I've been looking at some threads that talk about making a Captain America Helmet but being a complete noob i was wondering what stuff i should pick up at the hobby store for building this the one im shooting for looks like this one...
  18. Darth Damn

    Alternative Captain Britain...

    So, last year I completed a 'Bucky Rescue' Captain America costume. Starting a similar theme for Captain Britain. Similar outfit but with Union Jack and Lions instead of Stars 'n' Stripes.
  19. sketchanderase

    Captain America Rescue (Costume+shield build)

    I built the rescue version from Captain America: The First Avenger for a convention. I had planned to post them as I go, but got kind of lazy (and tired from sickness) So here's the full process. It took about 2 weeks overall, and I finished it two days before travelling down. Captain America -...
  20. harrypotterfan

    Captain America Shield from Steel Saucer Sled!

    So today is the 4th of July, and I thought what the hell! I decided to start my shield following Valor's forum. I started out with this simple Steel Saucer Sled that I ordered from Target for about $23. Funny enough I bought the last one! I thought that cutting the sled to the shield shape...
  21. outatime26

    Female WW2 Captain America [Pic Heavy]

    Hi there So this is one of my two costumes for London Film and Comic con in July I started both in late January and I've been meaning to post a thread on the forum for a while but now it majority of it's finished I thought I'd start one up I wanted to go for Cap's WW2 outfit with his first...
  22. OhYeahItsJosh

    Josh's Captain America Shield

    Hey guys, I'm brand new to these forums and I'm finally starting on a project I've been wanting to do for quite some time. I'm going to make Captain America's shield! I don't know how popular of an item that is to make on here but I'm a huge Cap fan and I think it'll look great up on my wall...
  23. Looch

    My Cap wardrobe addition

    Hey, I'm working on collecting every outfit that Steve Rogers wears in both CapTFA and The Avengers. Here is my latest, a custom job-very comfy, too!
  24. Gearhead

    Halloween 2011: The Red Skull (Pics)

    Heya Folks! Time for Gearhead the Newbie to get his oar in the water with my first costume post! I've been on the forum for a little while (lurking mostly) and have really been wowed by the creativity here. In Late August I discovered the various build logs and pictures of the Red Skull...
  25. Looch

    Cap:TFA helmet sculpt

    Here is my sculpt for my Captain America helmet. Next, mold and cast it!

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