captain america the first avenger

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  1. G

    Bucky Rescue Helmet “A” Font?

    Hi there. I’m doing my first build and I have searched the forums to try and find what font and size the letter “A” on the Captain America “Bucky Rescue” helmet is? If anyone knows and can pass along, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.
  2. SeattleMaddog

    Camp Lehigh Flag Replica

    I made this Camp Lehigh flag replica last year but realised I've never shared it on the RPF. There are some good reference photos available but I noticed at least two variants of the actual prop with slightly different fonts. I took the best available reference and created a stencil then had it...
  3. LegoCapRogers

    Captain America SSR File TFA

    I am very new to this site but have been following some of the posts on here for a while. As far as I can tell there is no thread devoted towards the SSR file Colonel Phillips gives to Peggy Carter at the end of Captain America The First Avenger. Some of the smaller props from films (such as...
  4. Maryfoxfirebird

    Captain America and Winter Soldier photo shoot

  5. The Full Armor

    Service Now Taking Commissions: The Full Armor's Costume Build "Wish List"

    Hey guys! This is a thread where I am advertising my services to make replica costumes for anyone who's interested. With my business (making custom props and costumes for a living), I spend a lot of time doing research for my potential customers when they wish to have a custom costume built...
  6. V

    My First Costume. SAVE ME.

    I am looking for any type of help whatsoever. I am quite inexperienced with costume making, but I thought it would be a good idea to try Captain America for next year. If you do decide to help, I thank you so greatly. Thanks for your time, -Valencium
  7. SocialMogo

    Infinity Stones on a budget: Tesseract and Orb

    So since most of the Infinity Stones in the MCU have been revealed (4 of 6), I've decided to start making the ones we already know about. So far, I only have 2 completed. The Tesseract from Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, and the Orb from Guardians of the Galaxy. I don't...
  8. nemo13400

    Foam battle damaged captain America shield

    Just finished this for my kid
  9. M

    Question: cutting Captain America shield star w/Dremel

    Hey guys, Regarding the center star on a Captain America shield... I have seen some comments and (nice-looking finished products) about cutting the star shape in the actual shield* with a Dremel rotary tool. Question: What kind of Dremel attachment are you using? Standard cutting discs...
  10. D

    Crossbones(Brock Rumlow) Helmet

    So this is the beginning of my Crossbones cosplay. For those unfamiliar with the character he is from the Captain America comic series. You saw him out of costume in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and you will probably see him in costume in "Captain America 3: Civil War". For my costume I...
  11. Maryfoxfirebird

    Everybody loves rescue bucky or its my turn for rescue bucky

    While I'm still waiting for my avengers 2 suit to be finished I finally caved and started put together a Rescue Bucky outfit. I scored a sick leather jacket on sale at wilsons and a pair of khakis with cargo pockets at the gap.
  12. Maryfoxfirebird

    A question for the Fem!Captain Americas

    I'm working on a Fem!Cap and having the worst time with helmet sizing. Do you guys buy off the rack or make your own?
  13. G

    Captain America First Avenger ww2 compass

    Hey guys and gals, I am building a little Marvel shrine in my den and I would like to ask if anyone knows which type or name of the model of the compass that he uses in the film to keep Peggy Carter's photo close to him! :) I attached a photo from a scene of the film where you see it. Any help...
  14. Maryfoxfirebird

    Help Seamstress issues. Or how do you approach a seamstress with a cosplay project

    I sent my captain america suit to be modified with a local seamstress. She was able to take on the project and offer a reasonable quote. Now she's making comments about how I should just abandon my suit and make a cheaper one or complain about the project all together. I stopped by today to...
  15. Maryfoxfirebird

    Custom Bucky nerf rifle

    My bff and I doing a cap and bucky photoshoot in April. For her birthday I'm building a custom rifle. I'm trying to combine hydra tech w SSR retooling.
  16. M

    Agents of Shield - Hydra Armor

    Long time lurker first time poster but here it goes. My brother was shopping for some airsoft armor when he found this for a resonable price. This was a perfect match to the...
  17. J

    Red Skull / HYDRA Cap Badge

    I was watching the new season of AoS when they introduced the new villan, the guy that looks like the Doctor from TF, dressed in his 1940's HYDRA outfit (am I the only one that wants to see an "Agent Peggy Carter" spin off?) and I saw that they had replaced the Tottenkopf on his hat with the...
  18. Maryfoxfirebird

    Metal captain america shield on etsy for $100 Too good to be true?
  19. AsgardBarbie

    Captain America: The First Avenger -- from scratch -- FINISHED

    Ok, caveat is that this will be slow to update. I'm building it simultaneously with another project, and they're both doozies. And before I begin, I need to say a HUGE thank you to user Fly4v for answering all the questions Google Images failed me on. This is the render I came up with: I'm...
  20. WebHead101

    Captain america costume?

    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has ever made this suit?
  21. A

    Apotheosis's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry:Children's Captain America TFA

    My six year old son, having watched the first Captain America movie and the Avengers decided he wanted to be Captain America too. Since we don't have any native super heroesin New Zealand and I think Cap is pretty cool I had no objections. Jack has a can do give it a go attitude and set out...
  22. T

    Captain America WW2 (Bucky Rescue) M1 Helmet

    So my dad and I are US WW2 re-enactors and helmet restorers and we have been for a good few years. When we saw Captain America The First Avenger, we had to make a helmet to match the one seen in the "Bucky Rescue". Knowing the value of original WW2 helmets and how rare some of those are, we...
  23. A

    Red Skull Dress Uniform with Hydra Pistol from Captain America TFA

    Just wanted to show my completed Red Skull Dress Uniform with Hydra Pistol from Captain America TFA. It all turned out great. Thank you for all the input from the site. I went slightly different with a grey color instead of a dark green like in the movie for the uniform and with red boots...
  24. penwiper

    Captain America: TFA "Lucky Star Cab Company" taxi car door build / costume

    So here’s my most recent project, and it's been a really fun one. I’ve been wanting to do an MCU costume, but every costume has already been done so many times and so well that I couldn’t get up the necessary interest, until I thought of this one. I’ve seen a few post-treatment Steve Rogers...
  25. S

    WWII Bucky Barnes Cosplay help??

    Basically, I did Bucky as the Winter Soldier for Glasgow Comic Con this year, and I hope to do Bucky from Captain America: The First Avenger next year (planning well in advance because last time I ended up with only two weeks to get the whole outfit together, metal arm and all) and I can't...

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