1. Python

    Caprica (BSG) Cylon Sniper Rifle

    Hello folks. *waves* A friend and I are prepping a film project and we're looking to see if this weapon can be replicated by modding an existing airsoft rifle. I was hoping some folks here could help with the parts ID. Though this was created entirely in CGI, it appears that they are modeled on...
  2. Mike J.

    Caprica Coins

    Looking at Propworx's photo of the Caprican coinage from episode 5, the coins appear to be slightly altered casts of Dutch 1 Gulden coins from the 1950's. The Caprica coins are gold-tone, whereas the original Gulden coins are silver. -Mike J.
  3. silverskyes402

    Propworx Presents: Official Caprica Auction!!!

    It is our pleasure to present the official Propworx Caprica prop and costume auction. Auctions will start this January and we will be featuring costumes from every main character, as well as props, set decoration and original artwork from the series run. I've been going through all the assets...
  4. MoviePropCollector

    Original Holoband prop from Carpica to be auctioned.

    An original screen used Holoband device from Caprica is going to be auctioned at Profiles in History Special Hollywood Auction 42 at Universal Studios November 6th. Here is a a pic of the prop. Click on the article and scroll down. If you click on the pic it opens to full size ;) ...