cap stash

  1. Chrish066

    Realistic Fallout Cap Stash Build

    BLUF (or TL;DR for non-military) - This is the process I am going through for making the Cap Stash from the Fallout series. I want it to be as close to game / world accurate as possible. Not sure if it's my ADHD or just my personality but I almost obsess with accuracy of my props. I make...
  2. mikelbrierly

    Full size Fallout Caps Stash Build

    For some reason, the Fallout video game series has always lent itself to prop building to me. The midcentury design and post-apocalyptic sci-fi couldn't be more wonderfully bundled up into one single package. I decided to kick off my Fallout prop building with the Caps Stash from Fallout 4. I...