1. alexbailey

    John Hammonds Cane - Jurassic Park

    This is one of my favourite props, I purchased an amber orb/ball for the top of the cane, I considered attempting making one myself however I concluded it wasn't worth it. I'm not planning to attempt a 100% accurate version, for example I don't like the large rubber tip found on the original and...
  2. SparedNoExpanse

    john hammond's cane : vertify creators

    hello guys, i'am a Jurassic park fan and like to collect nice Jurassic park props. i have been looking for a john hammond cane for a long time but i could never find a nice one. I know chronicle collectibles made one but i didn't liked the wall mount and the overall look. But recently i found...
  3. ArcSpectator

    My experimental DIY attempt on the John Hammond Cane Top(with Easter egg)

    So I heard a few people mention an alternative to the silicone molds often used for amber eggs, Easter eggs. I decided to try improvising my own version. Which involved drilling a hole on top of the Easter egg and putting a PVC pipe on it to make a mold for the stem of the amber egg(yeah that...
  4. Kelvington

    Lando's Cloud City Cane from ROS...

    OK so how long will it be before this is created by someone here? A week? Three days? Other than engraving, it doesn't look like a terrible prop to make, some spun/lathed aluminium for the top and bottom, but it's a very nice looking piece. It was on "The Star Wars" show today.
  5. awol007

    Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane

    Working on version 3 of my John Hammond Cane. It does seem like there might be two different canes in the movie. The "stunt cane" seems to have much more weathering especially between each bone segment. Examples A and B: Whereas the "hero cane" seems to not have any weathering between the...
  6. C

    Sturdy custom metalworks

    Hey there, so yeah, I'm looking for some custom, but functional metalwork and I have no idea where to start. In short I'm looking for a replica cane head as used by the character Ozpin in RWBY. I've seen a few around but they're just props and well, I essentially need it to be real. I have a...