call of duty

  1. SamG237

    Black Ops 3 - Ray Gun Replica

    Hi everyone, I just recently modelled the Ray Gun from Black Ops 3 in Fusion 360, with my main focus being on being as close to the in-game model as practically possible. Modelling took a couple of days and I'm quite surprised how well it turned out. I was able to extract and use the in-game...
  2. N

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Ballistic Knife (non-functioning replica)

    Hello everyone, Not sure if there are many Call of Duty fans on here, but I wanted to share this project with the site. This is the first build post I've done on here, so let me know if I can improve on anything. I've been a huge fan of the COD: Black Ops series and have wanted to make this...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    Call of Duty Atlas Vest

    An EVA foam build:
  4. R

    Ray Gun Kit - Call of Duty: Zombies (The Original Blast-O-Matic)

    The Blast-O-Matic Ray Gun Kit There has been a significant amount of interest on this site for a replica of the Ray Gun from Call of Duty: Zombies. More specifically, I've seen a lot of interest in making the replica available as a kit. Look no further! I've been working on this project for...
  5. T

    need some help making a costume,any tips?

    (first off pardon my bad english even do im preeeety good im french in the first place)so yeah im trying to make a juggernaut from mw3 costume(especially this one).only problem is:i dont know how i should really make.for example i dont know if i should make the armor out of foam or out of...
  6. Codyrobs777

    Call of Duty Perk-A-Cola Display

    Cool "In case of zombies break glass" Perk-A-Cola display I made.
  7. B


    Hey guys I want to start a costume for Madison comic con next year and I really really want to go as Tank Dempsey in the primis costume as shown here... I can take care of the staff myself. My issue is i cant find any other images of them in these costumes and therefore i have not really any...
  8. B

    Help russian ww2 helmet

    I'm doing a cosplay of a cod zombies russian mangler, who is a heavily armored russian soldier and need a Russian helmet, my problem is I'm 16 and I swim in the real helmets, I need a helmet but more kid sized, a bit smaller than the full size, but I also want to keep it light weight... any...
  9. B

    Help with finding refrence images

    Hey I would like to start a new costume and want to do a black ops 3 gorod krovi Russian mangle but can't find any good refrence images could anyone help me get some refrence images that show detail and the full body and or a model.... thank you for your time :)
  10. C

    COD Ray gun mark 1

    Hey guys, i recently started learning how to use sketchup and decided to model a ray gun for COD zombies since I want to make it IRL. I threw this together in a few hours, let me know what you think so far
  11. B

    Exoskeleton Replica [Need Help]

    I am trying to build an exoskeleton prop like the ones the soldiers use in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I am planning to wear it at a music festival, but also on Halloween. The problem is that I need to know what material I would use and how I would start and finish the building process. I...
  12. acereplicas

    Call of Duty: Zombies - Ray Gun Replica (Photo Heavy Thread)

    Current project status as of Aug. 9, 2015 - FINISHED I have been a huge fan of the Call of Duty franchise since its start in 2003. Since then I’ve watched and played as the game franchise grew into what it is now, one of the foremost first person shooter video game series on the market. In...
  13. B

    Perka-Cola's from Call of Duty

    New member... So a couple days ago I threw something together, the original 4 perka-cola bottles from Call of Duty's Nazi Zombie Game-Mode. I've seen much better props made so it's really not much to brag about. I'll probably touch everything up later (mainly the caps, they need to be...
  14. boomerangsbyVic

    Hell's Retriever from Black Ops 2, zombies

    Hi Everyone, I recently built a real returning Hell's Retriever. I build returning boomerangs for a living and recently built the Hell's Retriever from the video game Black Ops 2, zombies. It can be thrown and returns to the thrower. It is made completley out of 10 ply 5mm aircraft finish birch...
  15. falloffalot

    Black Ops 2 RCXD 1:1 Scale Model

    Here is my latest scratch build: I am creating a full size RCXD vehicle from the video game Black Ops 2. Constructed from 1mm Styrene Modelled in 3Dsmax Printed in Pepakura Any crits, advice welcome Hope you like Cheers J
  16. falloffalot

    Selling your models?

    Hi all new here, I have been a modeller & a gamer for many years and have started creating fully working full size (RC)replicas of video game models, mainly Black ops 2, RCXD & a fully working Dragonfire Quadcopter! What are the legalities for selling your creations? Thanks J
  17. I


    I made these from the Intel you collect in Call of Duty: Black Ops the newspapers are not a part of the Intel you collect The Bond files were put together from the Casino Royale website dossier on Bond
  18. renegadecow

    China Lake 40mm Pump-Action Grenade Launcher

    Your standard issue big gun, well, not really. While the China Lake launcher has been around since the Vietnam war, it's kept a relatively low profile until recently when video games started featuring it. I'm making an airsoft replica of said gun chambering 40mm moscart grenades that use...
  19. J

    CoD WaW: Wunderwaffe

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site, just joined a couple minutes ago. I'm an Industrial Design Student at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. I used to make models all the time before college! With my school's rigorous curriculum...I haven't worked on any personal projects like I used...