call of duty modern warfare 2

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Call of Duty Atlas Vest

    An EVA foam build:
  2. T

    need some help making a costume,any tips?

    (first off pardon my bad english even do im preeeety good im french in the first place)so yeah im trying to make a juggernaut from mw3 costume(especially this one).only problem is:i dont know how i should really make.for example i dont know if i should make the armor out of foam or out of...
  3. Codyrobs777

    Call of Duty Perk-A-Cola Display

    Cool "In case of zombies break glass" Perk-A-Cola display I made.
  4. Boxman430

    Bulletproof Vest pattens

    I'm after a pattern for a Bulletproof Vest. I've done a quick search through the forums, but can't spot a thread that would be relevent. If anyone knows where I can get a patten, or if there's a thread on here that I've missed, a link or a point in the right direction would be much...
  5. M

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Costume

    Hi, Does anyone know were to get hold of the same skull balaclavas used in the game? I've had a quick look my self and have found some similar but the skull is not the same. If anyone has any better luck let me know please thanks Mike