1. Orion101

    Want to Buy QUEEN STUDIOS TERMINATOR 2 T-800 Arnold 1:1 BUST

    Hello all! I am on the hunt for a QUEEN STUDIOS T2 TERMINATOR T-800 LIFE SIZE BUST (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Please contact me if you have one that you'd like to sell. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. phase pistol

    available-2004 Ltd. Edition Palisades Alien Bust Statue Folded Arms 9" no box 4696 of 5000

    Posting a new thread because the old one seems to be corrupted somehow.. shows a "SOLD" flag when this is actually still available. One is available. Palisades Alien bust with folded arms. Approx. 9 inches high. Complete as shown in photos, no box. Bottom is numbered 4696 out of 5000. Dated...
  3. C

    The Terminator (1984) 1:1 Arnold Schwarzenegger Bust With Light Up Eye

    This is my first time painting a life size, human bust. I'm really happy (and frankly, surprised) with how it came out, so I figured I'd post it here. (Sorry for the picture quality, I took the pictures with my phone and turns out the new iPhone likes to auto sharpen everything) The base...
  4. Silesky

    Life Size Joker Bust (The Killing Joke version)

    Hello! finally finished my Joker life size bust based on the "The Killing Joke" design. I hope you like how it came out. Early and final sculpture stages Final Resin Bust
  5. pyker7

    Snaggletooth aka Zutmore or Zutton bust from Star Wars

  6. Mrfusion115

    T2 T-800 Battle Damaged Bust

    Hi guys. I recently bought this T2 bust to try painting a ‘human’ face/skin for the first time. I’m pretty pleased how it’s turned out so far. I was hoping someone on here may be able to help me with how to do the hair for it? I’ve seen people use wig’s and I’ve seen people glue hair (which I’ve...
  7. PartyRichter

    Diamond Select Shakespeare Bust

    Hi, I recently picked up the Diamond Select 60s Batman Shakespeare Bust bank, and out of the box it seems he ‘leans’ slightly forward and to the left. It looks like the vinyl of his chest has sagged in storage. I’m wondering, short of going through the hassle of sending it back and risking...
  8. Orion101

    Want to Buy RoboCop 1:1 LIFE SIZE BUST by FRED BARTON

    Hello all I am looking for a 1:1 RoboCop BUST made by FRED BARTON. Please contact me if you have a line on how I would be able to obtain one second hand or brand new. The Barton website looks as if they are still producing them but I am unsure. thanks for your time! Stay safe!
  9. amberRavine


    Hello fellow artist and creators, I have a really dumb question as I am new to casting, and want to do a big project that i cant get help on. But would it be possible to make a full size bust casting/or full head and using the clay bust to put on a mannequin body so I don't have to...
  10. L


  11. B

    Want to Buy Sidedhow Collectibles Terminator T800 Chrome Bust

    Looking for the original bust from Sideshow and Stan Winston Studios, the clean chrome version There's plenty of flee-bay but their pricing is nonsensical! Thank you!
  12. AMirth

    Heatproof Moulding Material

    Hi all! Been mask making for a while but recently got into polymer clay and LOVING IT! The one issue I face is well... the face. When I used to make masks I’d pepakura my own files or model and print them using a CAD representation of my head. Not a scan, but a rather accurately sized model. The...